A new beginning :D

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This is the first blog :D 

Finally after 1 year of thinking about it xD 

So what's up, my name is Christian, I'm 17 years old, and I wanted to start a blog because for some reason I got the feeling to write my experiences in a way that I could preserve them for the future :).
I think the best i could do for now is describe what I like to do and how I think to use this blogs.

Let's see:

I'm the type of person confidential and friendly that search's for new adventures and experiences, that's why I'm always trying new things, even if they are imperceptible, as long as it's new, it's fine for me :) 

I like a lot practicing LE Parkour :D, some of my hobbies are drawing, and hacking (that I've been practicing for 5 years now) :D, don't ever leave an Iphone or an Android phone close to 1 meter of me if you don't want it jailbroken or hacked xD, that applies to computers and consoles too LOL. 

My dream is to become medic, I admire the sacrifice they do for the people they need them, also the medical knowledge is really amazing, I'm a big passionate of research, that's why I'm planning on studding medicine and specialize on EM (Emergency Medicine), and as part of the dream I would like to travel around the world helping and knowing more about other cultures :D also i would like to write a book.
                  This was the most epic Caduceus :D... Yes I like pokemon :D

For now I'm doing by best to get good grades in high school and save money for my university ;)

Well since years I liked to make videos, so I created a Youtube account which you can find here: Mah Epic Channel ;)

I specialize in the making of animations, drawing, tutorials and music :D I HAZ DUBSTEPZ 4 U! LOL

I also like so much to draw, and I'm a furry and brony in scene xD, I use to upload some of my works here: Photobucket :D (I'm also thinking in trying some architecture and mechanisms design, so stay tuned for future sketches xD)
                                                        Yes I'm a proud Mexican ;)

I am gamer :D, I like anime, and hanging with friends, and also I'm a little geekish but even so, I'm common, the type of person which you can talk about The Superstring Theory but even with that being able to talk about games, life and simple things ;)

I'm also a philosopher, I like to find answer to the questions of the universe and life, not atheist, but universal believer of something bigger than me, I'm not the type of person that likes discrimination, I don't tolerate someone that doesn't tolerate.LOL

I dream of having an OBE ;)

My heroes are Carl Sagan, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, The Che Guevara and Charles Chaplin because of their ideals.

I believe in democracy and in the power of love, peace and the higher self, where harmony exists and where the humanity has the potential to achieve anything united ;)

I guess that's all I might write for now, to be honest this was very spontaneous and I was writing the things that came to my mind first xD

I will try to use this as a journal and write when something cool happens or when I need to relax myself from the stress of the world :)

Cya later people ^_^ Feel free to comment :D 

Also check this song, it's FREAKING AWESOME!


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