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Best idea ever since Onlive gaming console. 


What is this project?

The Ouya, a new $99 Android-based home console, received an overwhelming response from the gaming community, confirming my feeling that Kickstarter will, in the coming years, be much bigger than what we imagine. Now, we even have a platform for that triple-A, crowd-funded title I was telling you about.

While the idea behind Ouya sounds great on paper, a lot of gamers are legitimately afraid that this new system will only serve as a home for the kinds of games we see today on iOS, which are, for the most part, either compulsive, free-to-play collect-a-thons, time wasters, or shameless clones (hello Gameloft). What's the cure for this skepticism? A great launch lineup and one that particularly appeals to console players.

If the Ouya could suggest a great set of launch titles before the end of its Kickstarter deadline I'm sure pre-orders would skyrocket even more. And since I'm such a nice guy, I'll even throw in some game suggestions that I think would get the console crowd excited.

1) The Kickstarter Three

Double Fine Adventure, Wasteland 2, and Shadowrun Returns are the three high-profile Kickstarter titles right now. They each have a budget above $2 million, are all original, and are unique takes on hardcore, so-called dead cult genres that managed to grow a huge fan base among console gamers. The veterans behind these titles all want to be part of this big industry change, so the Ouya people should give them a call and announce these games on the console.

2) Some HD collections

Console gamers like nostalgia. Titles like Jet Set Radio and Shenmue have been rumored to be on the HD train for a long time now, and an Ouya announcement would give a lot of hype to the system. Also, tons of PlayStation 2 titles deserve the HD treatment like Xenosaga, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, a Tri-Ace collection, and Siren often see requests that are more likely to be met on a system as open as Ouya than on mainstream consoles where retail costs and licensing fees make smaller enterprises too risky.

3) Phantasy Star Online 2

One of the most ambitious free-to-play games yet, PSO 2 could very well be the killer app to bring console gamers to the Ouya. This is a PC exclusive in a genre predominantly successful on consoles. Bringing the game to Ouya could be a great way to show what the system is all about. Not only does the western success of titles like Dark Souls and Dragon's Dogma show that a worldwide appeal for this genre of game exists, but this could also be a great way to introduce the Ouya to Japan.

And why wouldn't you bring it over? I mean, what could be better on an HDTV than....

4. Some crazy-ass, bullet-hell doujin titles


Deathsmiles 1 YOU KNOW YOU WANT!

Many shoot-em-ups have also jumped from consoles to the PC, and players could once again see them on their consoles en masse.

Thanks for reading :)

So, do you have any other launch-game suggestions for the Ouya? ;)


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