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Saturday, August 4, 2012 1 Comments:

If you have it, i feel you :(

I finally got diagnosed with IBS.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a disorder that leads to abdominal pain and cramping, changes in bowel movements, and other symptoms.

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So i'm sat here at 2:40am in the morning really thinking about how it all started for me and IBS, so id might as well tell you all to get things started, also I need some way to vent my anger and i'm hoping this works..

My IBS started approx two years ago when I was in my last year of school during revision times for exam's, I also got serious stomach flu at this time so you can all imagine the stress that was caused from having to revise everyday for 'the most important exams in my life' (by the way they really weren't I was just caught up in the moment then..) and also being unable to move anywhere as I had to be sat with my leg up constantly. This was possibly the most painful time in my life yet, the cramps were unbearable and I was soon wheeled away to hospital to have some checks on what was wrong with me. Unfortunately for me I had already read up on IBS and new id be told I had IBS, not need my ependix removed like the doctors were all saying. So anyway after those vile tests they simply told me I was suffering from IBS and I was going to be left to go home and it would disappear in a few days never to return. (The pain lasted a few more days and then went)

A few months later after prom and everything was going amazing again, just about to go off to college my IBS started again on the first day of college. I actually could have screamed and burnt that building to the ground, I was so angry with life and wondering why it always seemed to be me with the bad luck! (I was then faced with toilet problems e.t.c (you all know what i'm walking about, so I wont go into detail unless i'm ever somehow asked to, remember I have no clue how anything works on this website).

Anyway! a few weeks into the whole college scene and I met someone, they were great but yet again I was given no luck and they decided to end our relationship and leave me for a close friend. After this I spiraled into depression and had to force myself through my first year of college having to suffer IBS for about 2 weeks every month. The pain with my IBS also seemed to get worse and my stools were constantly changing between hard and soft which was annoying. Also through this whole time I got rejected by more people I found attractive and began to self harm and basically hate everything as nothing in my life was going well for me. Especially this IBS that was constantly getting worse and causing my pain most of the time.

I have been given anti-spazmotic tablets such as Colofac and Buscopan, but neither have worked and I wouldnt recommend them to anyone. I also have had to have many blood tests to keep checking for what could be causing it all but as I have a huge phobia of needles I had to endure fainting every time I went to visit the doctor which was great fun.. not!

Back to my little story. 

So after my first year in college I had managed to figure out the times and months and everything of when my IBS would flare up and sometimes it seems to be certain things that set it of, such as drinking to much soft drinks on a morning as soon as id woken up, sometimes it seemed to be to much milk, others spicey foods, fatty foods and sometimes practically anything that I did set it off. But the main common thing with my IBS is it seemed to come on the next day after drinking alchohol. So I had another visit to my doctor and I told him I smoke on a daily basis and I drink occassionally, both of which he said would most likely make my IBS worse for me.

Anyway! I keep slowly sliding away from the main story im trying to tell! So yes in my second year of college I thought I had managed to figure out all the tricks my IBS had for me, but no! Everything changed and my IBS was flaring up at different times it normally would (Normally it would be on a morning as soon as I woke up). But I will admit it seemed to be slightly less painful and it wasnt on for as long as it used to.

Oh i forgot to mention! the main thing that seems to get rid of my IBS for the rest of a day is if I go to the toilet and then go in a very hot shower and let the water run across my stomach ache until my skin goes red, then stay that way for at least 15 mins and then the pain normally goes for the rest of the day! I really do recommend that if you suffer from the pain caused by IBS because it has saved my day many times!

After a while during my second year of college everything seemd to be going fine, my IBS was under control and it seemed as though the pain was slowly becoming easier to handle and everything was better.

But no. Now just after handing in all of my finished work and I am ready to have a good time during my summer holidays ready to go to University I find myself writing this on here because everything seems to be back to square one again. My IBS at the moment has returned to how it was the first time, the pain is unbearable and i'm now having to run to the toilet!
I am completely sick of this stupid illness and want rid of it! Nothing seems worth this pain anymore and realizing that I may have this for the rest of my life is actually unthinkable! The industry I am going to work in wouldn't allow me to have time off and it defiantly wont allow me to have excuses! so I'm sat here thinking. Da fuck i'm gonna do with this.

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