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Become the greatest potential of yourself

To be intelligent, you need to work hard. Just because someone gets straight A's does not mean he/she is intelligent. And you don't necessarily have to spend the rest of yours days locked up in your room studying, with this step by step instruction, you will appear intelligent, for example by using big words in the right sentence while still making grammatical sense.

  1. 1
    Increase your vocabulary. Although this might sound like a hassle, two new words a day will surprisingly help you a lot.


  • 2
    Try learning a new language. Take up a challenging hobby. Leaving your comfort zone will test your brain in new ways.
  • 3
    Look up a few current events every day. All you have to do is after checking your e-mails and such, go to a news website such as CNN and read a little bit of whats going on that interests you.
  • 4
    Tell a friend about something interesting you heard and include some facts in it as well.
  • 5
    Read one page of something you find interesting in an encyclopedia. For example, if you like video games, find out a little bit more about how they are made and who the people are that make them.
  • 6
    Play logic puzzles and games such as Sudoku or crosswords or chess. If you're not a fan of these it can be hard, but one Sudoku puzzle a day would be perfect.
  • 7
    Ask people - What would you do if nothing were divisible, comparable, connective, disturb-ability, rearrange-able, substitutable, or satisfying?
  • 8
    Research. Any time you have a question about something. Many times things that you want to know, others want to know as well. So be the one to do the research, and you will be considered intelligent.
  • 9
    Healthy diet and Exercise : It is a proven fact that a healthy diet and exercise help brain cells. A healthy mind in a healthy body
  • 10
    Before going to sleep try to remember the new things which you learned that day.Make a good habit of learning at-least one new thing a day

  • Video [An awesome series depicting an explanation about the elements needed to become smarter]


    • Put a knowing smile on your face when listening to someone.
    • Don't try too hard, start with learning the background of what interests you.
    • Learn picture thinking.
    • If you have a Nintendo DS, buy an educational game such as Brain Age or Big Brain Academy to keep your mind working.
    • Try learning mini facts of something you might be interested in to make things easy for you.


    • Remember, do not turn away from intellectual interests in order to be more popular. Intelligence is much more important than popularity, especially in the long run. Quite often they go hand-in-hand.

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