Activate Windows 8 PRO + Get Windows Media Center Pack

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Hello guys, this post is all about activating your copy of Windows 8 Pro + WMC. This will activate your Windows permenently. Just Follow the step by step procedure below:

1. First of all make sure that the Windows 8 pro setup/iso you have is genuine. If doubtful, you can download it from here: 

2. Install Windows 8 Pro using only this key: NG4HW-VH26C-733KW-K6F98-J8CK4

3. After booting into windows 8 pro, connect to the internet and update the time zone, thereby, synchronizing it with -

4. Activate using active KMS servers only. (Dont not use phone activation otherwise you'll fail to install WMC after the computer reboots)

Follow these steps:
a - Run cmd prompt with administrator privileges.
b - Type in - slmgr -skms
c - slmgr.vbs -ato
d - slmgr /ckms (After Getting Activated Message)

For further details if necessary, visit this topic on this forum:

5. Disconnect the internet.

6. Add WMC to your windows 8 Pro using the "Get More Features with a new edition of Windows" option available in the system properties.

Use only anyone of the two keys for the upgrade mentioned under "Key for ProWMC" section mentioned on this link - http://textuploader....m/?p=6&id=8LoAR

7. After upgrading, boot into windows and make sure your internet is still disconnected.

8. Activate using Phone. (Permanent Activation)
Go to windows activation and hit activate. It will give you some kinda error and after that, an "Activate By Phone" option shall appear. Hit the phone activation button and note down the Installation ID and paste it on this forum -

You'll be provided with the confirmation id by its active members thereby.

9. After activation, reboot and back up the permanent activation by using this software - http://www.joshcells...ensManager.html

10. Update Windows and Enjoy. :D


Note: This activation method is available for limited period. Might not work when KMS server is down. Keep patience. 

We will come up with some other activation methods later.

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