Could time still exist after the universe dies?

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Is it possible to isolate a device that could count time?

And also overcome universe non existence? 

The idea for 4-d eternal clock that would continue to keep time even after the universe ends.However, no one has figured out how one might be built, until now.Researchers have now proposed an experimental design for a "space-time crystal" that would be able to keep time forever. This four-dimensional crystal would be similar to conventional 3D crystals, which are structures, like snowflakes and diamonds, whose atoms are arranged in repeating patterns. Whereas a diamond has a periodic structure in three dimensions, the space-time crystal would be periodic in time as well as space.The idea of a 4D space-time crystal was first proposed earlier by MIT physicist Frank Wilczek, though the concept was purely theoretical. Now a team of researchers led by Xiang Zhang of California's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has conceived of how to make this as reality. 

  The main concept of the clock is the scientists will create a ring of charged particles, with the resulting electromagnetic forces causing the structure to rotate perpetually. At its lowest quantum-energy state, also known as its ground state, the system has no disorder, or entropy, and there is no way for its entropy to increase over time. Thus, the crystal's temporal structure and timekeeping ability would continue even after the universe reached a state of "heat death," also known as thermodynamic equilibrium, when it had devolved into entropy.

There was no clear idea provided about this clock invention but it was still under experiment.

Think about time, check this awesome documentary to learn more!

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