The Jetson and Flintstone Conspiracy

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Maybe they are the answer to our future

Towards the beginning of this month I was asked to write an essay, I was given the choice of what it would be on and so I chose the Jetsons vs the Flintstones. Upon my research I came up with a disturbing insight which was heavily influenced by the clip below.

Here is my reason, and my supporting evidence that the Jetsons and the Flintstones lived in the same time

Flintstone episode in the Jetsons

For the Flintstones to be the Jetson's future then how did they get a hold of Flintstone footage? No, the Flintstones are a reality TV show for the skyrise civilization. Lets look at the Jetson's, in an episode called 'Elroy's Mob' (watch it here) Elroy watches a part of a Flintstones episode on another kids watch, the kid calls it the 'billionth rerun' implying that it has been on tv for a long time. However, there is also the fact that kids (and people in general) like to exaggerate.

The other one I caught is 1 million times bigger!

What does this mean though? For this to even be on television or as a movie, it has to have happened before the present. There are two options here, the Flintstones were from pre-historic times and the videos were preserved for millions of years. For that to even work you have to wonder how all the episodes were preserved for so long, seeing as many of our first films ever made have been lost, and that only started a little over 100 years ago.

Why have a reality TV show and how does that mean they are in the same time? I'll cover this question in detail further on. All you need to know for now is that...

Robots control EVERYTHING

Think on this.

Why does Mr. Slate fire George but always rehire him?

The alarm clock in George's room forces him out of bed and MAKES him take a cold shower.

The Flintstones have the same type of technology, with most of it being doubled by 'animals'

Where are all the resources on earth?

The robots control everything on earth and in the sky, they have separated humanity from one another, on one hand humans are completely reliant on them, George doesn't so much as lift a finger to put his shoes on in the morning, and the machines are so simple even their dog Astro can operate their vehicle. (Don't ask me why he can't just drive himself to obedient school then.)

Your very own maid robot - Price: Your soul

So why don't robots just kill all humans? Well...

Humans produce years of renewable energy

You don't have to be a genius to realize that we humans are highly adaptable, able to do a lot of complex things, can work simple or hard jobs, and we last a long time. We are also easily distracted if we don't watch ourselves. (George states he went to work once with shoes on his ears!) Why should a robot forcefully enslave us to do what we are already willing to do for a small price? Or worse yet, kill us and waste all that energy.

Now that's a smart robot

So how do they keep the skyrise people entertained? Plenty of ways of course, however, one of those ways is the Flintstones, why not make use of the security footage on earth while keeping an eye on those pesky dirt ball humans? The robots can't bring them to the skyrises cause that might plant the idea of going back to earth in the skyrise human's minds, they can't exactly kill them either because that would take from their efforts in the sky. So instead, rip all their resources away (probably need them for skyrise repair anyway) and make sure they don't figure out how to fly stone thousands of miles in the air.

Or manage the paper spacecraft next.

So now you're probably thinking, well sure, this all makes sense, but what about

The poles that presumably hold up the skyrises!?

Wouldn't the Flintstones see these strange poles shooting clear into the sky?

To tell you the truth, I have no idea what those poles are even for, it's not for ground support though, that much is certain. In the Jetsons meet the Flintstones the skyrise begins to shake as the Flintstones are accidentally transported to the skyrises instead of the Jetsons. A statement is made that disqualifies the poles to be supporting the skyrise, at least from earth.

"I don't know what is happening, it can't be an earthquake, we're not on earth."

The effect of an earthquake would not only be felt in something like a skyrise if attached by a long support bar, the quake would be magnified immensely.

I won't continue on, most of the evidence is already there in the video, I just had to clarify that the Flintstones are not the Jetsons future, they are the under-class society given this role by robots.

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